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5.3.ZUŠ Bojnice 10h – 16h Zita Sopková – piano, Erik Rothenstein – sax workshop and concert by Lento Aad Astra -start with the improvisstion, playing techniques and new publication Childrens song

ZUŠ Bojnice, Sládkovičova 12 Bojnice Lento Ad Astra

1.3.2019 – 14h František Báleš – piano & Erik Rothenstein – sax workshop for school Big Band, improvisation and other lovely music:)  

ZUŠ Ľ. Fullu Ružomberok

2.12.18h Dolný Kubín castle Kubiniy celebrating 120.anniversary of Georg Gerahwin´s birth. Classical and jazz musicians under leadership of Erik Rothenstein comp. & arr. Lucia Papanetzova, Michal Stahl, Lubo Sramek, Erik Rothenstein