Erik Rothenstein


Erik Rothenstein (1973, Bratislava, Slovakia). baritone saxophonist, composer, arranger



Erik Rothenstein Band LIVE with Elsa Valle & Gábor Winand

13. March 2020

New live album with Elsa Valle & Gábor Winand

BUYE /LISTEN to ALBUM With my band we were in November 2019 on tour in couple of Slovak cities ( Erik Rothenstein – baritone saxophone, Michal Motýľ – bass trombone, Marián Ševčík – drums, Ľudo Kotlár – piano and ... Read More »

March 13, 2020

8. May 2018

Erik Rothenstein band

Erik Rothenstein Band The band is orientated in modern mainstrean jazz in consonance with ethnic influences from Slovakia, Middle-estern Europe and Balkan region.  This influences are integrated in own author´s compositions and arrangements of jazz standarts and folk tunes.  Erik ... Read More »

May 08, 2018

8. May 2018

Erik Rothenstein & ansambel SO36

Erik Rothenstein & ansambel SO36 This project is a part of my path, where Iam looking for a new sound and conceptions in music. It is a cooperation of musicans and composers with different music background and exprience. It tries ... Read More »

May 08, 2018