Fools from Chelm



is dedicated to Erik’s late father and to his mother who brought him to read books and think about them.

The music was inspired by the novel of I.B. Singer ́s novel The Fools of Chelm. It is an interesting fussion of new approach to klezmer and modern jazz improvisation. The album also contains original lyrics, which help better descripe its atmosphere. The Klezmer style originates from a characteristic, expressively strong melody, which reminds one of the human voice. Using the „speach“ of klezmer, solo and collective improvisation in interesting author ́s compositions and mixing folk and jazz features gives the music an unique charakter.

The author, Isaac Bashevis Singer, wrote a novel called The Fools of Chelm (and their History).The book was primarily written for children, but it may also please and advise adults. Using an enthralling style, the book describes the history of a poor town, Chelm. The story revolves around a situation when a word crisis suddenly appears in the vocabulary of the town citizens. The ruler, Gronam and his council of wise men, suddenly realises that the town is in a crisis which needs to be dealt with. Singer is a master in story-telling (presenting). Using plays on words and inteligent humour, he left behind the message that we should learn to distinguish human stupidity and narrow-mindedness, even if born in the heads of our leaders. He amuses the reader with absurd and funny stories, but in the background he raises a warning finger, pointing out the danger that threatens from our leaders, who often act the same as the Fools of Chelm.
The purpose of this project is to pass on such message using a musical adaptation.


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