Schumann resonance ft. Jorge Pardo

Schumann resonance is referred to as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Saxophonist Erik Rothenstein, together with local musicians and Spanish flautist Jorge Pardo, have recorded an eponymous album (Bebe Rebe June 2022) in which they use musical language to transmit the resonance to their listeners. Pardo is known as a pioneer of modern flamenco, referred to as flamenco nuevo or jazz flameco. He was a long-time member of Paca de Lucia and has collaborated with world-class musicians.

The album brings modern jazz with influences of world music – flamenco and Slovak folk music.

I have followed Jorge since my adolescent years. I was fascinated by his specific style of playing, which drew on the flamenco tradition enriched with new elements. I am very happy that he accepted the invitation and is part of our album. His calm and at the same time captivating musical expression was a perfect fit for our project“, says Erik Rothenstein.

Listeners can hear compositions by Michal Motýl and Erik Rothenstein, in which original themes alternate with flowing improvisations. The group took advantage of Jorge Pardo’s presence to record Rothenstein’s composition Maki, based on the flamenco dance-music form of bulerias. She also recorded an alternative version of it with flamenco guitarist Flaco de Nerja. ” Flaco is an old friend of mine and it was in his band that I first encountered flamenco. I’m glad we played again after all these years”, adds Erik Rothenstein. Also from Rothenstein’s work is the composition Tiesňava playing with Central Slovak melodics. Then there are the Butterfly Pieces, the bossa nova Lisboa and the groovy Prítmie. The album also features the jazz standard Nardis specially arranged to fit the context of the project. As band members, in addition to baritone saxophonist Erik Rothenstein, are Michal Motýľ on bass trombone, Peter Korman on double bass, Pavol Bereza on giatra and Marián Ševčík on percussion and Eddy Portella on percussion. The album closes with the folk song Padá dážď (Rain is Falling), sung by Dominika Debnárová.

Guests on the title track include guitarist Ľuboš Brtáň, singer Ester Wiesnerová and marimba
player Kiryl Stoyanov.

Erik Rothenstein band with guest flamenco flutist Jorge Pardo. LINE UP: Michal Motýľ – bass trbn, Marián Ševčík – drums, Peter Korman – double bass, Pavol Bereza – guitar.

Other guests: Ester Wiesnerová, Dominika Debnárová – voice, Flaco d Nerja – spanish guitar, Ľuboš Brtáň – elec. guitar, Matej Štubniak – double bass, Kiryl Stoyanov – marimba.

Compositions made by Erik Rothenstein and Michal Motýľ mixed with jazz standart Nardis and Slovak folk song Fine rain. Jazz, flamenco and world music….