Babele Beat Band LIVE

PINK WHALE, ship on Danube river, nábrežie L. Svobodu, Bratislava

Pink Whale, nábrežie L. Svobodu Bratislava

OPEN GATE: 18:30
CONCERT: 19:30
Admission 8 euro

BABELE BEAT BAND is a group inspired by music and original folklore from Slovakia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It combines this inspiration with jazz, new beats and sounds. He performs his own compositions as well as original folk songs with improvisational surfaces and grooves. At the concert he will present a programme from his new CD – Owl Forest, which was inspired by the Danube floodplain forests.

LINE UP Babele Beat Band:
Ester Wiesnerová – vocals
Erik Rothenstein – sax, clarinet
Pavol Bereza – guitar
Juraj Raši – drums
Matej Štubniak – bass