Urban Art Festival

    Bratislava : Stará Tržnica

    All fans of modern jazz with elements of Latin jazz music will surely be delighted that the Erika Rothenstein group will perform at the Urban Art Festival in Bratislava.

    In addition to the songs from Rothenstein’s latest album, Rio Danubio, new compositions of individual band members will also be recorded.

    The concert starts at 17:15. on the square in front of the Old Marketplace.

    Line up:

    Erik Rothenstein – a baritone saxophone

    Motýľ Michal – bass trombone

    Pavol Bereza – guitar

    Peter Korman – double bass

    Jakub Valíček – drums

    Esso – beat box

    The concert was sponsored by public funds: the Arts Support Fund (Fond na podporu umenia)


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