Babele beat Band – Danube and me


The Babele beat band released their debut album Owl Forest (Hevhetia 2022) last year. The album was inspired by the atmosphere of the Danube floodplain forests, wetlands and especially the nature reserve Owl Forest, located near the Bratislava harbour bridge. As a support for her series of summer concerts, she presents the song Dunaj a ja – a video of a song from the aforementioned album. With lyrics by Zuzana Vasičáková Očenášová and music by the band members, saxophonist Erik Rothenstein and drummer Juraj Raši, he uses musical and visual means to portray his impressions of our biggest river. Through the lens of Martin Mandzak, he captures the floodplain forests and natural scenery in combination with shots of the band (Matej Štubniak – bass, Pavol Bereza – guitar) and singer Dominika Raši. The music and the image adapt to the rhythm of the river’s flow and the feeling of the unchanging timelessness of nature in contrast with the hurried everyday life.

The refrain of the song sings. Erik Rothenstein adds: “The music and lyrics seem to express the merging of the soul with the flow of the river and the surrounding nature. The Danube has been flowing here for many generations and we just take turns at it and feel its vibrations and the presence of all its creatures that live in and around it ….”