Petrovaradinska tvrdzava

Erik Rothenstein Band    77

Erik Rothenstein (1973, Slovakia, Bratislava) jazz bariton saxophone player. He is leading his own Quintet, where the core of the repertoire are his author´s compositions. Also performs as a sideman in several bands and projects. His band plays modern mainstream jazz combined with etnic elements of middle-eastern and southern Europe. He had studied alto saxophone at conservatory in Bratislava. After the graduation he left for austrian Graz to Music university (Kunst Universität Graz) to jazz department, where he started playing baritone sax and started doing composition and arranging. As a leader he recorded with his band albums „Prater Menuet and „Erik Rothenstein and the Rainbow project In Concert.

He performed with his quartet and quintet and as a sideman with several bands in former Yougoslavia, Czechslovakia, middle and western Europe. (For example with Nothing but swing trio, Juraj Bartoš, Matúš Jakabčic, Luboš Šrámek, Milo Suchomel, Mišo Motýľ and other local musicians, with austrian artists like Karl Ratzer, Alexandra Schenk, Wolfi Reiner, Harry Sokal or with balkan musicians Adam Klem, Milan Nikolič, Andjelko Stupar, Duca Novakov, Enes Seferovic, Vlada Kostadinovic, Armend Xhaferi …)

Erik cooperates with several Big Bands, he was a member of Gustav Brom Orchestra. He is a member of Matúš Jakabčic SK-CZ Big Band. Also performs with the Band of flamenco guitarist Flaco de Nerja, which is playing a modern fusion of flamenco music and jazz. He was founding member of Pressburger Klezmer Band and cooperates with The Hope Gospel Singers in Bratislava. He also composes and arranges for „small bands and „bigger ensembles (big band, tenten, saxophone quartet …). As an authort and arranger he participates in several projects and recordings (Hanka Gregušová, Robo Opatovský, Pressburger Klaezmer Band, Matúš Jakabčic SK-CZ BB. …)


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