Past Events (Archive)

wrold music and jazz – Babele beat band with guest Michal Motýľ

Hogo Fogo - Banská Bystrica

workshop and concert Považská Bystrica 16h30, ZUŠ M.R. Štefánika

ZUŠ M.R. Štefánika, Považská Bystrica Lento Ad Astra

workshop Hamuliakovo, Culture House, 11.11. 4:00 PM workshop for young musicians

Hamuliakovo, Dom kultúry Lento Ad Astra

world and jazz music on Orava Jazz festival 2022

Námestovo - Orava jazz festival

synagogue Ružomberok – Panská 3, Ružomberok 4:30 PM Classical concert with works from slovak contemporary composers E. Krák, V. Gräffinger, Ľ. Bernáth and E. Suchoň. With Financial support from Slovak Art Council

synagogue Ružomberok, Panská 3 Lento Ad Astra

world music jazz – song from new album

Cyklokuchyňa - Tyršovo nábrežie, Bratislava

concert with lyrical tenor Karol csino as guest with Lento Ad astra

Zámok Bojnice, Huňadyho sála

picture exhibition by Běla Kolčáková and concert LENTO AD ASTRA Erik Rothenstein – sax, Zita Sopková – piano

Dessewffyho palác Bratislava Lento Ad Astra

4.9.2021 4:30 PM Park Andreja Hlinku, Alstrova 36, Bratislava Although saxophone isn’t among often used instruments in classical music, it is for sure, due to its sonority, very interesting partner to its older “colleagues”. Rediscovering already examined and examine not discovered is in this context our main idea. On the concert we will present works […]

park Andreja Hlinka - Astrová 36, Bratislava Lento Ad Astra

workshop and concert for students by Erik Rothenstein – saxophone and František Báleš – piano

Cirkevné konzervatórium, Bratislava

concert and workshop in music school P. Kadosu, Levice

ZUŠ Pála Kadosu, Levice